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Making products better together

With over 25 years in the biopharmaceutical industry, Novozymes Biopharma is dedicated to providing specialized technology solutions and recombinant products such as recombinant albumin and hyaluronic acid, tailored to the needs of the drug delivery and medical device industries. Our customer-integrated approach combines Novozymes Biopharma’s scientific know-how with the specific needs of customers to deliver improved products and performance.
Recombinant albumin and hyaluronic acid are produced in large-scale manufacturing facilities worldwide, which are operated to Q7 cGMP quality standards to ensure the highest level of product quality, consistency, and security of long-term supply.
Our customer focused partnering approach packages our award winning technologies such as half-life extension with over 25 years of scientific, technical and regulatory support to customers for the delivery of improved and better performing products.




May 29, 2014
> Novozymes Biopharma enters agreement with a leading vaccine company to conduct research on a novel subunit vaccine complex based on albumin fusion technology. Read more

May 12, 2014
> Novozymes Biopharma to offer drug-albumin conjugation platform in collaboration with ThioLogics. Read more

April 24, 2014
> Novozymes' half-life extension technology reaches landmark milestone as GlaxoSmithKline's albiglutide is granted FDA marketing approval. Read more

March 31, 2014

› Novozymes VELTIS® half-life extension technology used by GlaxoSmithKline in type 2 diabetes drug approved in Europe. Read more

March 13, 2014
› Novozymes Biopharma announces collaboration with Janssen to evaluate proprietary VELTIS half-life extension technology. Read more


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