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Veltis® - Even longer half-life AND patent life

If you are looking for a Half-Life Extension (HLE) partner who can provide you with the right technology to help develop your biotherapeutic drug then Novozymes is the ideal choice.

Our revolutionary albumin-based technology enables you to optimise your therapeutic window to control dose frequency, dose quantity and/or drug tolerability. Naturally.

Novozymes‘ experienced specialists support you with the right technical and regulatory information to make your product development and approval processes easier.
Albumin’s proven safety and regulatory profile, and its long history of therapeutic use, makes it an ideal choice for drug delivery. Variants have been designed with altered binding affinities to its receptor, making it possible to modulate its serum half-life.
Already demonstrated in the fields of diabetes, hemophilia and neutropenia, you too can reduce your drug dosing frequency from days to weeks and improve healthcare costs through using Novozymes’ recent advancements in albumin technology.

Designed by nature. Perfected by Novozymes.

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