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Veltis® - engineered albumins for optimized drug dosing

​Veltis® enables you to control dose frequency, drug tolerability and dose quantity. So, now you can optimize your therapeutic window easily...and naturally.


Novozymes Veltis® is a half-life extension platform based on engineered albumins designed to provide once-weekly, once two-weekly or once-monthly peptide or protein dosing and stricter patient adherence (compliance) for improved therapeutic impact.

In addition to being developed by world-leading science the technology is also backed up by the deep technical and regulatory support available from Novozymes. Furthermore, based on Novozymes' decades-long experience of recombinant albumin GMP manufacturing, the access to large-scale yeast expression and protein production ensures a secure route to commercial exploitation of the system.

The unique advantages provided by Veltis® include:

  • proven clinical performance with significant half-life extension improvement over native albumin and other technologies
  • flexible and scalable manufacturing by fusion or conjugation for commercial supply
  • long life IPRs
  • patient-friendly dosing and low risk of adverse effects
  • provided by a technology developer with a strong heritage and track record in commercial albumin supply

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